WaterBlade LLC was founded in 2014 With the goal of providing a new way to enjoy nature while blading over the calm waters of a lake.

The future where exercise and fun are comeback is here. From a careful composition to its recreational capabilities the WaterBlade is fun to glide over water with or without a motor. When using with a motor you will be able to enjoy a ride at a higher speed over the water. When using without a motor you will be able to get a great leg and abs workout while enjoying your time with family and friends at the lake. WaterBlade was invented by architect Gameli Cruz who wanted to create a new product where people could glide over water on a devised using leg strength and or a motorized system. During the initial phase of the invention it was important to create a devise that would help the person maintain the stability at the same time providing the sensation of walking on water. Also, WaterBlade utilizes an electric motor making it acceptable for use in most lakes.

After years of design and many nights testing several prototypes in the cold waters of a public pool after midnight, falling multiple times in the ice cold water and shaping the foam panels at home; Gameli was able to create the WaterBlade. Initial face:

His original design consisted of two “floating roller skates” to be used in conjunction of two “ski sticks”. This design was not functional due to the difficulty to get back on it after a fall in the water. As an alternative, a new design with similar shape to a skate board was created This design was not functional either due to balance difficulty during operation.

As a result of previous experiments, a shape similar to a Stingray was chosen. This design solved the balance issue, but then, a new challenge came up keeping stability while making a turn during the ride.

To solve the stability issue, floating material was added to each side of the stingray shape.

After achieving maximum functionality, the focus became the esthetic appearance. The edges were smoothly rounded, colors selected and WaterBlade was born.

An attachment was created to bring your pet along or to carry drinks and lunch or any article needed in a “WaterBlading Day”.