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For those who have a Project to motorize your kayak or your paddle board or you chair, your couch, :-) ...etc...etc.
Ankle Leash
Battery Disconnect "Kill Switch" 130 Amps
Works well for 12V or 24 volt Battery.
Be safe, This kill switch will shut off you Vehicle if you fall and will keep you attached to the board.

Water resistant battery box
Battery disconnect "Kill Switch"
Ankle Leash

This set is meant to work as a pack to motorize an electric vehicle. It comes with a box ti insert a Battery, a battery disconnect Kill Switch, an ankle leash, this leash is designed to be used with WaterBlade Kill switch. One end is meant to be used to strap your ankle. The other end is meant to be used to tie the motorized vehicle. In the Middle is another hook to atach the pin from the kill switch to disconnect the battery in the event of falling away from the vehicle.

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