6 Pack StingRay Economy

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6 Pack Inflatable Motorized Water board, powered by lithium battery.

Inflatable board
Air pump

Electric motor
Propeller safety cage
Ankle leash with kill switch

No Battery
No Battery charger
Water resistant battery box

Water proof Cell phone/Wallet bag

3 pieces Paddle

Repair Kit, including Glue, PVC Patches and Valve wrench tool

Board Specifications:
Weight Buoyancy Capacity: 
200 LBS (Besides motor and battery)

Dimensions:67 inch wide x 58 inch long.

Material: Drop-Stitch and PVC.

Thickness:Bottom layer is 6 inch thick, mid layer is 4 inch thick, top layer is 6 inch thick.

Motor Specifications:

12Volt 62Thrust. 58Amps 696Watts.

5 Speed forward, 3 speed reverse.

Adjustable Head controller, tilt vertically.

For salt water


Battery Specifications recommended:

This pack, does not includes Battery, neither Charger


WaterBlade 12.8vLithium Battery LiFePo4 50Ah, with 70A Constant Current Discharge minimum

Notice: All WaterBlade Boards could be used with Marine acid battery, Deep Cycle, Dual purpose 90AH or more.)

WaterBlade perform better while using Lithium battery.

Down side of using acid battery instead of WaterBlade Lithium Battery:

Extremely heavy.

Corrosive leaks.

Slower performance of motors.

Shorter period of running time per charge.

Longer period of time for re-charge

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