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Waterblade Magic Carpet With Hose 120mm. 20mts. Long.20Bar

 Contains an:

Inflatable board Stingraymade of drop stitch material

A connector with bearingand swivel assembly.

A Pole with handle.

Bolt Clamps to fasten hoseto Magic Carpet connector.

Straps to fasten Tubes set.

A Fire Hose 120mm of diameter. 20mts long. 20Bar

A U-Shape Connector fortheir own specific Jet ski brand with compatible connector for hose 120mmdiameter. Bolt Clamps to fasten Magic Carpet to Hose to U-Shape connector toetski


Magic Carpetis part of "2 Rides in One"design from Waterblade.

User could use the sameboard to ride with the "Magic Carpet Tubes kit" or with the regularset up for Stingray with electric motor and lithium battery.

This set is meant to befor Magic Carpet only. Buyer could buy separately the components to use thissame board as Stingray.

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