12v LiPo 200Ah Battery

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Lithium Battery – LiPo 12v Nominal 200Ah Capacity


·        Nominal capacity    200Ah

After the standard charge, 0.2C dischargeto9.0V 0.2C 9.0V Minimum capacity 200Ah

·        Maximum Capacity 200Ah

After the standard charge, 0.2C dischargeto9.0V 0.2C 9.0V Minimum capacity 200Ah

·        Weight 29 Lbs approx.

·        Dimensions 5.5in x 11in x 11.8in

·        Charge Limit Voltage 12.6v

·        Discharge cit-off voltage 9.0v

·        Standard charge current 10A  - 10A (0°~45°)

·        Maximum discharge current 80A - 80A  (0°~45°)

·        Operating temperature 0°~45°Charging

·        Operating temperature -20°~60°//discharging

·        Storage temperature -10°~ +45° - if lessthan a month

·        Storage temperature -10°~ +35° if lessthan 6 months

·        Storage Humidity =75% RH


Safe Characteristic

·        Overcharge testing (NO PCM)

At standard testing condition charging cell with

constant current 2.0A to voltage 13.8V, then with

constant voltage 13.8V till current decline to 0. Stop

test till cells temperature 10° lower than max


·        Forced discharge

After the standard discharge of the electric core, the

1.0C current to its reverse charging, 90min

·        Short-circuit testing

At standard testing condition after standard charging,

connect pack anode and cathode by wire which

impedance less than 80±20m?, keep 24h.

·        Drop Test

After the charge of the electric core from 1.0meters

height fell to the ground each surface of the concrete fell 1

timesa total of 6 tests

Protection circuit

·        VDET1  Over-Chargedetect voltage. Min. 4.255*3, Typical 4.28*3, Max. 4.275*3, Unit V

·        VDET2  Over-dischargedetect voltage. Min. 2.95*3, Typical 3.0*3, Max. 3.05*3, Unit V

·        IEC Discharge over current protection. Min. 80, Typical90, Max. 120, Units V

·        IDD Supply current, Min. 1, Typical 5, Max. 10,Unit µA

·        RD Internal resistance in normal operation, Min.15, Typical 25, Max. 65, Unit mO


Load circuit may cause voltageand current, and the voltage or current may add to pack, the voltage or currentmust be

controlled as lower than RWV andRWI, larger voltage or current may damage the PCM of pack.

To prevent the possibility of thepack from leaking, heating, fire. please observe the following precautions:

The soft aluminum packing foil isvery easily damaged by sharp edge parts such as Ni-tabs, pins and needles.Don’t strike at pack

with any sharp edge parts.

Do not immerse the pack in waterand seawater

Do not use and leave the packnear a heat source as fire or heater

When recharging, use the batterycharger specifically for that purpose

Do not reverse the position andnegative terminals

Do not connect the pack to anelectrical outlet

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